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Thank you to everyone for helping with having a Senior Project. I initiated this process before the summer and was allowed to include it in the Senior Project. 

  • The research project was developed regarding body image and beauty concerns among African American women with preliminary research.

  • Help was sought with this process by emailing several professors across the country. I emailed them to have guidance at the university level on this research project. 

  • Zoom meetings followed by emails with the professors. 

  • The professors provided feedback on the proposal.

  • They also gave feedback on the survey, which I made a flyer and shared on social media to get responders. 

  • An IRB process will not occur during the preliminary research since the paper will not be published and not use minors in the survey (but this is open for an IRB process at Southern University). 

  • The questions and findings in the survey were intriguing.

8 min survey.png
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