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Meet Kelsie

Congressional Intern | Published Author | Student Ambassador

Kelsie Tillage, a sophomore at Spelman College, has already amassed an impressive array of accomplishments. Elected as the Third-Floor Representative of Abby Hall and appointed as a student intern with the Student Government Association: First Year Liaison,  and Student Ambassador, Tillage has quickly emerged as a leader among her peers.. Her academic prowess is evident from her honor roll status. This academic inclination isn't new; she entered college with 33 dual enrollment credits and was the valedictorian of her high school class of 2023.


Tillage's literary talents were recognized with the publication of her anthology series "Unpopular Opinions" during her high school years. This achievement inspired her to apply for an internship and achieve the selection as an Editor of The Jaguar Spotlight for Spelman's Blueprint Newspaper, where she will soon contribute her own column. Amidst her busy schedule, Tillage finds time to forge friendships with Morehouse and Spelman students and dedicates herself to volunteering during breaks and the holidays.


Her dedication to academic excellence, leadership, and community service is clear. As a testament to her remarkable journey, Tillage has been chosen by the Office of Alumnae Engagement and the Student Government Association to represent Spelman at the prestigious annual Spelman On the Hill Excursion in Washington, D.C., an honor reserved for a select group of students. This marks a fitting conclusion to her first term at college, highlighting her exceptional potential and commitment as she now embarks as a Congressional Intern in the Summer 2024.

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